Cluster Groups/Affiliate Organizations

Southern Order of Storytellers (SOS) supports groups of story lovers who meet locally to promote the art of storytelling and help further SOS’s mission. Local groups provide a nurturing environment where participants may practice telling stories, receive supportive coaching, share ideas, resources, and information about upcoming storytelling events, and socialize with others to build a community of story lovers. Groups also organize special programs, such as workshops for the development of storytelling skills and techniques, speakers, presentations, concerts, performances, etc. to help people grow as both storytellers and story listeners.

SOS Clusters and other Storytelling Groups

Toco Tellers Clusterter

First Thursday of the Month

Toco Hills Avis G. Williams Library, 1282 McConnell Drive, Decatur


Hosted by Jan Cribbs –

Roswell Cluster

First Thursday of the Month

Brookdale Chambrel Roswell 1000 Applewood Drive, Roswell


Hosted by Ron and Linda Kemp –

Southern Crescent Cluster

First Friday of the Month

Starbucks at 120 Peachtree East Shopping Center (which is on Highway 54), Peachtree City


Hosted by Anne Wallace –

Cobb Cluster

Second Tuesday of the Month

First Presbyterian Church,  189 Church St #1629, Marietta, GA 30060


Hosted by Margaret Edinburgh –

Atlanta Cluster

Third Tuesday of the Month

Campbell Stone Senior Living, 2911 Pharr Court South, NW, Atlanta


Hosted by Jean Woodall –

Cluster Groups/Affiliate Organizations Guidelines

Types of Groups

Cluster Group

A Cluster Group is a group that does not have a formal incorporation or non-profit status and operates under the auspices of SOS. SOS will maintain a separate financial account for each SOS group to be able to collect tax deductible donations and expend funds that further SOS’s mission. If a group becomes large enough or there are enough financial transactions, SOS may recommend that the Cluster Group become an Affiliate Organization.

Affiliate Organizations

Affiliate Organizations are groups that are formally incorporated and whose mission supports that of SOS. SOS will not maintain funds or accounts for Affiliate Organizations.


1. Groups should appoint a SOS Liaison who shall serve as a conduit for information between the Group and SOS. Such Liaison shall be a current, up-to-date paid SOS member. The Liaison shall also serve as an ex-officio member of the SOS Board.

2. Group participants should be encouraged to become Southern Order of Storytellers’ members. The Group Liaison should make SOS application forms readily available at each meeting.

3. SOS will publicize all Group meetings and events as shared by the Liaison. The Group shall share with members other SOS and Group events. SOS encourages that all events be widely publicized to encourage attendance by story lovers in the community.

4. SOS will both provide resources and information to support Groups and their needs as well as serving as a conduit for groups to share information and resources.

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