The Southern Order of Storytellers provides opportunities for storytellers to tell their stories in small group settings or before large audiences, network with other storytellers and serve as stewards for the preservation and perpetuation of the art of storytelling.

    Upcoming Event


    Friday, September 16th
    Stories on the Square Hayesville


    6:00PM-7:30PM Eastern


    the Corner Coffee and Wine Shop
    corner of Main and Church, Hayesville, North Carolina

    storytellers, poets, musicians, spoken word – all welcome
    this event will also be available via zoom, contact for link

    We are a group of storytellers and listeners whose goal is to bring storytelling to wider audiences and help make storytelling once again an integral part of culture and entertainment.

    We tell stories to students, families, the elderly, at libraries, parties, corporate events, etc.
    Many of us have written books and even have recordings of our stories for sale.