There are over 150 members of the Southern Order of Storytellers, many of whom tell professionally or in other formal or informal settings.

We tell stories to students, families, the elderly, at libraries, parties, corporate events, etc. Many of us have written books and even have recordings of our stories for sale.

If you are looking for someone to tell stories at your event or with your group, please browse our list of members below. The Southern Order of Storytellers offers this page as a service to its members and a resource for the community. Any material or links on this page were provided by the performer and have not been verified by the Southern Order of Storytellers.


B.J. Abraham

Jan Cribbs

Gwendolyn Napier

Jonah McDonald

ShannonMcNeal ColorShannon McNeal

 Barry Stewart Mann

Barry Stewart Mann

 sara beth nelson

Sarah Beth Nelson

ar-cowboy-2008Alton Russell

tracy-11Tracy Walker

debbie-headshotDebbie Weston From

vernaVerna Muthoni
Loralee_headshotLoralee Cooley
Nancy_Riggs_HeadshotNancy Riggs
Evan LeeEvan Lee natalie jones headshot

Natalie Jones

finn-billeFinn Bille Christina Johns

Dr. Christina Johns

10-edinburghMargaret Rose Edinburgh
cherise headshotCherise Bopape Deborah.StrahornDeborah Strahorn