Shannon McNeal

Southern Humorist, Storyteller


Shannon McNeal grew up listening to her grandfather telling tales about their family. She inherited his talent for spinning tragedy into comedy and loves to share her stories about growing up in Alabama and her adventures after moving to Atlanta. If you love southern porch stories, you will love Shannon McNeal.

ShannonMcNeal Color Shannon was born in lower Alabama, or as we like to affectionately call it, LA.  After the two yet to be explained years living in Ohio, her family moved to the Alabama Black Belt, in the northern part of lower Alabama.  Shannon was sent off to college before graduating high school, so to this day, technically she is a high school drop out.

Shannon has performed regularly at Atlanta’s Carapace, a monthly reality personal storytelling performance since 2010.  “Shannon’s peculiar, sometimes dark, and regularly hilarious Alabama family provides plenty of grist for the popular storyteller’s mill,” says Randy Osborne, organizer of Carapace.   Osborne describes Shannon McNeal’s stories as “mildly disturbing but laugh-filled tale(s). . .Think “Southern Gothic” with a heavy dose of humor, and you’ll think Shannon McNeal.”

Over the past four years in the Atlanta metro area Shannon has performed twice with nationally acclaimed storyteller Kim Weitkamp as a part of Dead Bird Singing, performed with the founder of The Moth, George Dawes Green, in every performance of The Unchained Tour in Atlanta and at the Decatur Book Festival’s The Moth. Shannon was one of three storytellers serving as the source for Improv Monster including Andy Offutt Irwin.  She also performed at the Decatur Arts Festival and she has told Holiday stories at the Atlanta History Center’s “The Holiday Spirit.”

Shannon produced and performed in Brainstorming, Bass Riffs and Brothers: Songs and Stories from the Swamp at the Clarkston Community Center, in Clarkston, Georgia in 2011.  Shannon McNeal has performed her personal stories at the annual Peach State Storytelling Festival of the Southern Order of Storytellers for the past four years.

Shannon McNeal has served as president of the Southern Order of Storytellers, was the director of the 2011 and 2012 Tellabration! performances, and developed Stories on the Edge of Night and directed the performances in 2011, 2012 and 2013 for the organization.

Contact Shannon McNeal by email or telephone (404) 855- 6611.