Seanachie Award Winners, 1984 – Present

The world Seanachie in Gaelic means “teller of tales.”  Each year we proudly honor one, two, or sometimes a group of SOS members who have contributed to the support of storytelling in all its forms. Not just for the most polished of tellers, it is a recognition of the individual or individuals who have contributed time and talent within the family of the Southern Order of Storytellers, as well as taking storytelling into the larger community, spreading the spirit of story, supporting new tellers and old. Consideration is given to their length of service and contributions over a long period of time.

1984 Clara Dunn

1985 George Goldman

1986 Loralee Cooley

1987 Chuck Larkin

1988 Fiona Page

1989 Betty Miles

1990 John Rice

1991 Betty Ann Wylie

1992 B.J. Abraham

1993 Ed Cooley

1994 Nancy Kavanaugh

1995 Karin Welcher and Janice Ryer

1996 Jane Sullivan

1997 Rosemary Glenn

1998 Bev Fermon

1999 Pat Gay

2000 Carroll Myers

2001 Lori Hebert

2002 Kathleen Mainland

2003 Grace Hawthorne

2004 Anne Hewett

2005 Ron Kemp

2006 Bev Center

2007 Kuumba Storytelling Group

2008  Anne Wallace

2009 David Schutten and Jane Hinds

2010 Jane Saliers and Janice Butt

2011 Esther Culver and John Beavin

2012  Ann & Cliff Gravelle and LaDoris Bias-Davis

2013 Jan Cribbs and Tom Wallace

2014 Mary Williams

2015 Debbie Weston From

2016 Shannon McNeal