natalie-jones-headshotEducate, Entertain, Inspire….Natalie Jones can do all that. A former park ranger, teacher and librarian, she hails from Eastern Kentucky, a great growing ground for stories. Her special ability is telling stories for every generation. Listeners, whether they are school kids or executives; cub scouts or women of the church; teenagers or seniors; find warmth, laughter, and satisfaction in Natalie’s tales. She brings a variety of interactive stories, adding musical instruments, puppets and props to create an energy filled presentation.

Natalie will tailor her story programs to the needs of your event.

Here is a sample of the kind of programs she offers:

Georgia Curriculum based programs – preschool & elementary ages
Themed presentations for Library Vacation Reading Club
Humorous personal stories for adult groups
History Stories for Secondary and Middle school students
Campfire tales or Ghostly Legends
Costumed Birthday Parties
Storytelling Workshops for students and adults
Reading Motivation workshops for teachers, parents and librarians.

Some of her story highlights include telling at Atlanta’s Carter Center, the 2008 National Storytelling Conference, Turner South Broadcasting’s Education through Storytelling Program, and Red Top Mountain’s annual Halloween Hayride. She currently works as a professional storyteller several days each week in area preschools, elementary schools, bookstores, churches, arts festivals and libraries cialis super active. She has been a presenter for the Georgia Conference of Media Organizations, the Georgia Preschool Association, and the Summer Education Institutes.

Contact Natalie for your next event: