Jan Cribbs

Jan tells stories that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone! She was born into a family of storytellers and book lovers, and words, language, and the magical connections stories create have always filled her life.

Now a professional freelance storyteller, storytelling coach, and workshop leader, Jan tells a wide range of stories with a variety of themes. Some are historical, some are healing, and some are about uppity women! The range is from folktales to adventure and romance to just plain fun.

With a Master’s degree in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Jan has told in numerous venues, including the WIGS (Women’s Imaginative Guild of Storytellers) Day of Discovery for Women, Stone Soup Storytelling Festival, Southern Order of Storytellers (SOS) Winter StoryFest, The Iris Festival, Tellabration, the SOS and Carter Center Library’s Story History Series, as well as in public libraries, hospitals, schools, churches, senior centers, and even a cemetery! For both her storytelling and her support of storytelling, Jan was a co-recipient of the 2013 Seanachie Award from SOS.

Give her an opportunity to coach other tellers in story development and performance and Jan says, “Oh, please! Throw me in the briar patch, again.” Her workshop on stories in business focuses on: “The Presence, Power, and Purpose of Storytelling – in the Workplace and Everywhere!” Jan believes stories are a wonderful way to form connections with others. In every aspect of storytelling, her purpose is to “HEAR! TELL!” with heart’s delight and laughter.

What People Are Saying!

“You tell to the heart.” Student Teacher Supervisor, College of Education

“I liked the story. It was very funny. The bear got triked to many tims. [sic] I bought it [the book] yesterday. I cep [keep] reading it over and over.” Student thank-you, After School Community Partnership Program

“What do I like about your stories? Your physicality, your humor, your characters!” A fellow storyteller (67)

Contact Jan:

Mail: 2329 Leafmore Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30033
Phone & Fax: (404) 633-6567
Email: storyconnections@gmail.com