Stories on the Square Banner

Stories on the Square Banner

Reality Storytelling…

From the early days of language, stories have been told…

…around the campfire
…around the dinner table
…sitting in rocking chairs on the porch
…over drinks at the local pub
and on the Square.

The Southern Order of Storytellers is now the official sponsor of the adult storytelling program Stories on the Square. The concept was hatched some five years ago by SOS member Shannon McNeal in Decatur with a vision to share stories and grow community. It was the spark that has now grown to four locations throughout the Metro area.

What is reality Storytelling? It’s all about sharing life experiences in short oral form. Good stories have a beginning, a middle, and most importantly, an end. It includes people, place and plot. There’s an arc to the story from setup to resolution and believe it or not, you tell it in 5-7 minutes!

At Stories on the Square each location provides a topic to “spark” your creative juices for remembering and creating a story for the monthly event. Check the links below for a location near you and to view and like their Facebook page for times and topics.

It’s like storytime for grown-ups with adult beverages! Join us at one of these venues and join the fun!

Stories on the Square – Decatur
Second Sunday of the Month
Kavarna Coffee, Oakhurst

Stories on the Square – Gwinnett
First Tuesday of the Month
The Crossing Steakhouse, Norcross

Stories on the Square – Fayette
First Monday of the Month
location: Check Facebook page

Stories on the Square – Roswell
second Thursday of the Month

Stories on the Square – Grayson (no facebook page)
second Monday of the Month
Morning event
Grayson Arts & History Center
2070 Rosebud Rd, Grayson, GA 30017