2016 Peach State Storytelling Festival
Workshop Descriptions

Spare Parts – Cost is $15.00 in advance
Facilitated by Bil Lepp
3:15 – 5:15pm, Friday, January 22nd
UUCA, 1597 I-85 Frontage Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

This workshop is open only to members of the Southern Order of Storytellers. If you would like to attend, please renew your membership or join.

Bill describes the workshop as follows: “I often write stories which, while I am writing them, I believe will be the greatest story ever written. Then I tell them and they just don’t do what I hoped they would. Many stories begin around solid ideas, but never seem, to come into their own. Just because a story flops does not mean that the whole idea is bad. My most recent big, new story is called Bottle Rockets, but it is actually a collection of the best parts of several stories that failed on their own. This workshop will be an intensive look at how I build stories from spare parts and leftovers. Not all your ideas are good ideas, but not all your bad stories are based on bad ideas, sometimes you just need to graft bits together to come up with a solid piece.”

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The Lie, the Tall Tale and Establishing Trust – Cost is $25.00 in advance
Facilitated by Bil Lepp
12:15 – 1:45, Saturday, January 23rd
UUCA, 1597 I-85 Frontage Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

This workshop is open to the general public.

The tall tale is an American, and Appalachian, literary mainstay. We know the classic tall tales, but how do you write a new one? This workshop is an entry level introduction into where tall tales and storytelling come from, and how to create your own tall tales. Learn gradual exaggeration, getting from the ‘wild idea’ to the plausible, then back again. Learn about building trust with your reader/audience, so that you can take them into brand new realms. This should help your writing no matter what genre you write in. Remember, Mark Twain said that fiction is far harder to write than non-fiction because fiction has to make sense.

Register by paying in advance on the Tickets page.

Bringing Life to Your Story – Cost is $20.00 in advance
Facilitated by Mary Williams
2:00 – 4:00, Saturday, January 23rd
UUCA, 1597 I-85 Frontage Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

Workshop Description: When you tell a story, the nuances of your voice and gestures make the story jump off the printed page. A good storyteller breathes life into their stories, creating dimension and depth where there was none before. This extremely interactive session will have you out of your seat and stretching your voice as you practice techniques to bring your stories to life.

Register by paying in advance on the Tickets page.

The Children’s Workshop – Cost is $5.00
Facilitated by Debbie From, Tracy Walker, and Hannah From
2:30 – 4:00, Saturday, January 23rd
UUCA, 1597 I-85 Frontage Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

Workshop Description: The art of oral storytelling can be daunting for beginners. Storytellers use words, gestures, and tone to create images within the minds of their listeners. This workshop will ease young storytellers-to-be into the art using functional three-dimensional “storyboards” known as crankies. Crankies provide new storytellers the latitude to learn the art by creating their images in advance, thereby minimizing the stress of “doing it all” at once.

Workshop participants will learn both the basic elements of story and the proper construction of their own storytelling crankie to take home afterwards. Materials are provided with the cost of the workshop. The workshop will be taught by seasoned storytellers and instructors Debbie From and Tracy Sue Walker, with assistance from storyteller Hannah From.

Cost is $5.00 per child – suggested ages are 6 to 13. If the child is 5 the parent may need to assist with the creation of the crankie. The workshop is limited to 20 children. You may register in advance by purchasing a ticket on the Tickets page.

Register by paying in advance on the Ticket page.



Master Class – Cost is $100.00 for members of SOS and $130.00 for non-members.

Class is full – but you can be placed on the waiting list.
Facilitated by Bil Lepp
9:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesday, January 20th
North Decatur Presbyterian Church in Decatur

The class is titled Why Is That Funny? – Here’s a description from Bil:

“Humor is something innate, some folks are just better at it than others. But humor is a skill that can be learned and honed.  Where does humor come from?  Why do we laugh at things?  What makes something funny?  Asking these questions leads to a better understanding of how to craft humorous stories and present humor to an audience.  But creating funny material is only half the task. Humor has to be delivered correctly or it will falter.  And, not every audience reacts to humor the same way. Writing something funny can be a long process of searching for ideas, coupling those ideas together in narrative form, deciding who the audience will be, and then crafting an oral presentation which binds words, style and body language together to produce the maximum amount
of funny.

The storyteller has to create a narrative that forms around the jokes or humorous situations.  Furthermore, stories don’t have to be humorous from start to finish.  Maybe a teller is creating a serious piece that simply needs a little levity.  Where do those jokes come from, and how does the teller insert them without breaking the mood
of the storytelling http://enligne..generique/???

Well, we have all day to explore this and more!”

The class is limited to 15 total attendees for an intimate experience. Bil invites attendees to bring along a brief piece they are working on for coaching. Reservations will be taken on a “first come” basis. A waiting list will be maintained for those not among the first 15.

Payment in full for the class will be due no later than Wednesday, January 6, 2016.  Payment instructions will be emailed to master class participants.

To register and pay please email:  peachstatefestival@southernorderofstorytellers.org