Storytelling Event Sponsorships

The Southern Order of Storytellers sponsors storytelling events throughout Georgia every year. The financial year for the organization runs July through June.  Sponsorships are awarded throughout the year, but applications are encouraged to be submitted before October 1st of each year.  Those awarded sponsorships are required to place the SOS logo on advertising for the event and the event program, and provide a table for SOS informational material to be distributed to the public at the event.

Procedure for applying for a sponsorship:

1. Deliver a signed application at least one week before the Board Meeting at which the application will be considered to the SOS President for inclusion on the agenda;

2. Prepare a presentation in person or by electronic attendance in support of the application and be prepared to answer any questions of the Board;

3. Applications are to be submitted at least 6 months prior to the event;

4. The Sponsorship Application must be submitted by a current SOS member.

5. Complete and sign the Application form.

The Southern Order of Storytellers has sponsored events such as Triple Tales storytelling workshops for children, Bear on the Square, the Dawsonville Campfire Storytelling Concerts, an Evening of Stories at the Sautee Nacoochie Center, and the Bad Ass Storytelling Quartet’s performances at the 2015 Atlanta Fringe Festival.