Southern Order of Storytellers Cluster Group Guidelines

  1. A Southern Order of Storytellers’ Cluster Group Leader(s) must be a current/dues-paid SOS member who has received training from the SOS Board’s Cluster Group Coordinator(s).
  2. Cluster Group attendees should be referred to as participants.
  3. Cluster Group participants are encouraged to become Southern Order of Storytellers’ members. The Cluster Group Leader will have SOS application forms available at each meeting.
  4. Cluster Group meetings should be publicized through local media and other sources (libraries, etc.) to encourage attendance by story lovers in the community.
  5. A Cluster Group does not have a budget. Dues may not be collected, although donations may be collected to cover the cost of food, location fees, or incidentals.
  6. A Cluster Group is not a money-making venture/organization.
  7. Southern Order of Storytellers’ Cluster Groups are not for the purpose of organizing storytelling festivals or events.
  8. Cluster Groups cannot produce public, for profit events such as Tellabration or seek monies under their own or Southern Order of Storytellers auspices.
  9. Southern Order of Storytellers Cluster Groups may not seek private, non-profit status.

A Cluster Group Leader is expected to:

  • inform active and potential participants of upcoming meetings and events;
  • seek out meeting facilities that are available, adequate and accessible;
  • have SOS applications available at each meeting to encourage new membership;
  • be sure the agenda for each meeting flows smoothly; and
  • that no one participant monopolizes a meeting.

A Cluster Group Leader also ensures that:

  • meetings provide a safe environment for each teller by helping the teller be in control of their telling and any request for feedback. This feedback will always be offered in a positive and supportive manner and will not go beyond what the teller has asked.

A Cluster Group Leader will inform the newsletter editor of current Cluster Group News.

Cluster Group Downloads: