New Location: Toco Tellers Cluster

The  Toco Tellers are moving back to the TocoHill/Avis G. Williams Library on Thursday August 6th.  We will meet from 10 to 12:00.  We will have a cluster group on the first Thursday of each month.  Please check with the staff for the location of the meeting room.  We will be presenting several programs  of stories for various group of the Library.  We are looking forward to their Fall Spooky Stories.  And what fun that always is!  Puma cats, haunted houses, dancing pants, magic potions and witches ensure an exciting evening.

We are grateful to the staff of the Life Enrichment  Center for the months of warm welcome that we felt there.  We needed a space while the new Toco Hill Library was being built and the people at the Center were gracious and took care of all of us. Several of our Southern Order of Storytellers were attracted to classes there and took Spanish, various Computer courses, and explored other new skills.